Voice Up Japan ICU is a group of students and entrepreneurs from International Christian University based in Tokyo, Japan. Our mission is to speak up against gender inequality in Japan and help put an end to the stigma associated with publicly speaking out against gender issues.

Our organisation was born in 2019 when student Kazuna Yamamoto, inspired by the MeToo Japan and Ni Una Menos movement, started an online petition which went viral on the web. The petition was directed against magazine Shukan SPA! which had published an article listing universities with students which were “sexually easy”. Thanks to more than 50.000 signs, the petition was a success: SPA! had to apologize and take down the article.


After the petition, students who had signed it contacted Kazuna and together they founded Voice Up Japan Main Branch and Voice Up Japan ICU Branch.

"How can we affect change in the world when only half of it is invited or feels welcome to participate in the conversation?"


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