Vision, Mission & Goals


Voice Up Japan ICU branch is an organization that envisions a safe campus regardless of one’s gender, sexuality, race, nationality, or religion where nobody is silenced and everyone can voice up to improve an issue or pursue their happiness.


Our mission is to educate anyone who steps into the ICU campus, especially the students, on urgent social issues through events and study sessions. We empower them to voice up and express their true selves by providing them with safe & supportive environments. Furthermore, we advocate and create change through petitions, lobbying, and peaceful demonstrations.

"For most of history, anonymous was a woman." 


Virginia Woolf

Our Goals

Safe Space

As activists in Japan, we want to build a platform where students can rely on to talk and learn about sensitive topics that are inaccessible through the school curriculum.

Amplify voices

Make the voices of students heard in the university and society through conducting surveys about issues that students face (especially on sexual consent).


As feminist activists in Japan, we provide information for those that need support. Eg. about the Counseling Center or Human Rights Consultation Center on campus.

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